Niana Guerrero Bio, Wiki, Affair, Net worth, Single, Career, Ethnicity, Siblings, and Nationality

Niana Guerrero, Niana Guerrero Bio, Wiki, Affair, Net worth, Single, Career, Ethnicity, Siblings, Nationality
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 974 Years old


Short bio
Niana Guerrero is a renowned young artist as an actress and dancer appearing on social Medias. She is a social media entertainer of young age. She was born on January 27, 2006(11 years 9 month) in the Philippines. She has brown hair and black eyes. Her horoscope in her biography is Aquarius. Her father name is Nino Guerrero but mother name is not revealed out. Niana is famous for posting entertaining and awesome dance as well as acting videos on YouTube along with her brother. Niana Guerrero was born in the Philippines and she has Filipino nationality and ethnicity. Her nationality and ethnicity comes from her famliy background. She is able to make a million fans in her early stage of life through her interesting dance and acting videos.

Career, Net worth, and salary: What is Niana Guerrero salary per year?
Niana Guerrero began her career journey by uploading dance and acting videos on social media. She is now a popular trending you tuber. Despite being young Niana Guerrero succeeds to get a million views on YouTube and reached the top of media height. She posts the video on YouTube accompanied by her brother. Beside dancer, she is also an actress. Her famous videos are like “juju on the beat”, “Flip bottle sister reaction/Ranz and Niana”, “Trumpet Challenges” etc. She mostly posts a video by singing and dancing in a car, dubs mash videos etc. with Ranz alongside. She is also featured in the movies of 2007. She has huge fan following and subscribers. She is giving continuity in the media field at present by uploading different videos on YouTube.

Eventually, her videos are increasing in number. She is giving a good route to her media journey with the support of her family. Her salary is also kept private. She is a popular and beautiful social media star. She has accumulated some net worth from monetization scheme in social media. Niana hasn’t disclosed her salary and income. Presently the information regarding net worth of Niana Guerrero is not available on Wikipedia and internet. However, going through Niana’s biography we can’t deny that her major income sources are YouTube and social media.

Personal Facts
Niana Guerrero has two siblings. Ranz Kyle, her partner as well as a famous you tuber is her brother and Natalia Guerrero is her sister. Most of her video is accompanied by Ranz. Presently, Niana and Ranz are both famous Figures in public. They started to dance and acting initially as a hobble. They are successful in maintaining proper height in media. They work together to make challenging and entertaining videos for their fans. This pair is able to achieve high fan following and popularity in short period of time. Ranz and Niana Guerrero have very good siblings bonding and co-operate with each other in every task. They make duet videos most of the times. She is also known as one half of the Ranz and Niana dance.

Besides YouTube, they also posted a video on Facebook and Instagram as well. Niana and Ranz have presented multiple hit videos working together on the internet. She is of very young age and is still in her childhood days. Niana Guerrero is not involved in any love affair. She is single and eventually persuading her career. There is no doubt that beautiful Niana will get a perfect partner for her in future. Any rumors relating to her relationship are also not heard yet. She is single and hasn’t been found being involved sorts of controversies and affairs.

Wiki and facts
Niana Guerrero is one of the Versatile and a talented person who has been involved in multiple social media sites. She has achieved a good image in social media. Her social media profile is managed by her family. She is supported by her family as well. The facts and information about Niana Guerrero’s education and academic qualification are not disclosed on Wikipedia and internet yet. Talent young star Niana Guerrero is a popular figure among fans. Naina Guerrero’s height is 4feet 10 inches (1.47meter) and weights 35kg. Similarly, her childhood and early life are also not disclosed. Niana Guerrero has 373,973 subscribers on youtube 938,000 followers on Instagram. Her Instagram, facebook, youtube are full of interesting videos. These all videos have earned millions of likes and views.