Joseline Hernandez Wiki, Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Pregnant, and Affair

Joseline Hernandez, Joseline Hernandez Wiki, Bio, Husband, Net Worth, Pregnant, Affair
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Age: 33 Years old


Short bio
Every people are born with unique talent in them. Joseline Hernandez known as Shenellica Bettencourt has multiple talents in her as she is an American reality television personality, rapper, and actress. She was born on 3rd November 1986 in Miami and has very rough childhood within the public housing system of Puerto Rico. It is written in her other biography that Joseline Hernandez holds Peurto Rican nationality and mixed ethnicity of Peurto Rican. When she was small her father died because of the heroine and drugs overdose whereas her mother was alcoholic. She moved to Florida at the age of six along with her mother Carmen, stepdad Luis, her older sister and her four brothers. She had the older sister named Yanira had other four siblings named Jorge, Hisael, Kermit and Luis Jr. Her younger brother was suffering from autism and needed a special care to look after. She had the weak economic family condition and started Stripping at the early age of 16 to provide aid for her family.

Career, Salary, and Net worth:  How much is Joseline Hernandez salary per year?
Joseline Hernandez began her new career when she was discovered while stripping on Onyx Club in Atlantica by Stevie J. In 2012 she came to fame as a new actress, singer, and rapper in the original cast of Love and Hippop: Atlanta. She has also appeared in the different hip-hop and R&B videos with Stevie. Later on, she also has released much reggaeton and dancehall influenced singles and music videos sung and spoken in her mother tongue Spanish language. In 2017 she started her own television show Joseline Special Delivery. On the same year on May 1, 2017, Joseph documented the birth of her child. She is also acting in a lead role in television series Star. Currently, Joseline Hernandez is fluently moving her steps in her career.

Joseline Hernandez is accumulating her salary and net worth from TV. She worked in the different field like singing, acting, working on mixtapes etc. Formally as a profession she is an actress and has achieved deserving name and fame. With the sum she earned from T.V salary, Joseline Hernandez has total net worth estimated about $500 thousands. She entered the media as a new actress but she is already famous and rich now.

Personal life: Who is Joseline Hernandez husband?
We can find in many of biography that Joseline Hernandez is bisexual. Joseline Hernandez was initially said to be married to her husband Stevie in 2013 but in 2016 Stevie spoke up in public that it was just a fake news for publicity. Joseline Hernandez also confirmed that she was not legally married to her faked husband Stevie but were in a love affair from long time ahead. During the filming of the 5th season of Love and Hip-hop: Atlanta Joseline Hernandez disclosed that she is pregnant with Stevie's sixth child and gave birth to the daughter. On December 28, 2016, she gave birth to her beautiful daughter and named her Bonnie Bella. Joseph Hernandez also might have past affair but they are not made public by any Wiki and other sites yet. Other children of Stevie are rumored to be born from several past relationships. They are raising their daughter well nowadays. Joseline Hernandez is maintaining her body well even after she was pregnant to make her look hot and beautiful still.

Height and weight: What are Joseline Hernandez height and weight?
Joseline is a beautiful lady having the slim type of body structure with body measurement 34-25-32 inches. Joseline Hernandez has a gorgeous body which is followed by ideal weight and height. Joseline Hernandez height is 5feet and 6inches (1.67m) and weight is 56 kg. She has 31 years old and has smooth long legs and beautifully toned body making her more attractive .she looks hot and charming with the black hair and brown pair of eyes. She is the dashing personality who is maintaining her figure quite well for the television screen.

Wiki and Fact
Joseline Hernandez known as the Peurto Rican princess has received many awards and achievement in her lifetime. She was arrested two times in 2003 and 2007 because she was stripping against the law. She has millions of her fan following on different social networking sites. She is actively involving in social sites like facebook, Twitters, and Instagram. Her Wikipedia page Joseline Hernandez has more to say about her career success, do visit it.