Jenna Ezarik Wiki, Dating, Boyfriend, Affair, Sister, Net Worth, Salary, Height and Bio

Jenna Ezarik Wiki, Jenna Ezarik Dating, Boyfriend, Affair, Sister, Net Worth, Salary, Height, Bio
Date of Birth/Birthday:
Age: 31 Years old


Short Bio: Who is Jenna Ezarik?
Trending social media enthusiast and vlogger Jenna Ezarik was born on August 27, 1989, in Pennsylvania. Born with an American nationality and belonging to white ethnicity according to Jenna Ezarik’s bio, she is a wonderfully charming personality on the internet. With raging fans all across America, she and her two sisters who famously go by the name iJustine and Breanne are rocking the vlogging community such as YouTube with their incredible talents. She and her sibling sisters were born and raised to her parents in Pennsylvania. Bubbly and quirky nature perfectly describes her character. Jenna’s wiki hints at most of her popularity arising through her own YouTube channel, which currently consists of almost 750,000+ subscribers and views averaging 500K per video.

What is Jenna Ezarik’s net worth? Know about Jenna’s salary
Most recent studies have clearly shown that those who depend on their increasing popularity on the Internet are worth unbelievably high. Having said that, it has been recently estimated that Jenna Ezarik’s total net worth is just under $500,000 as compared to her elder sister iJustine’s net worth of a terrific $2million. This massive fortune comes from frequent brand endorsement offers for her from known brands, positively escalating Jenna’s net worth further high up there every year. Since she has remained in the spotlight only for a short period of time, this pace that she has picked up will help her get right on the money. She is also looked after by adverts and her fashionable outlook. Talking about Jenna’s salary, there cannot be a precise estimation since she doesn’t have a job. But it has been estimated that the girl earns around $300 per day doing what she does and that’s just insane. She holds a Bachelor’s degree in Forensics and Investigative Science and Biology graduating from the University of West Virginia. Completion of her studies led her to be introduced to the perks of social networking sites. Soon, she discovered ways of making money from her talents and now she is one of the trending vloggers out there. Jenna’s career, at just 27 years of age is moving ahead with pace and delight. Her YouTube channel currently possesses more than 750K followers. Some of her videos have even crossed the 2M viewers mark successfully. Her core concept of the videos are full-on entertainment; she makes parodies, challenge videos, and pranks. In unison, the 860 videos on her channel have been able to feature more than 85million views. She is fiercely heading towards that 1million subscriber's mark. Previously, she and her two sisters had a combined channel which was later split up. She is also known for being an avid animal lover.

Marital Status: Is Jenna dating anyone? Who’s her boyfriend?
Still pretty young from a matured marital life, Jenna Ezarik isn’t married and doesn’t have any records of having a husband before. That being said, we’re not denying the fact that Jenna is currently dating and has dated quite a few guys before. On the internet, you tend to meet different kinds of people. Some fall for you, and some are just not worth it. But this little brunette has found the man for her. Jenna’s boyfriend Matthew Haag is also an internet star, but the two have been surprisingly successful in zipping their mouths about this relationship that’s been going on for a while. Jenna met boyfriend Matthew in 2014 and have been together ever since. He appears in some of her videos as a cameo actor. Before him, Jenna was known to be dating Ryan Watt with whom she was together for 2 years. Jenna’s affair with Ryan ended in 2011.

Height and Weight
This pretty YouTuber is a treat to watch for the eyes, especially during the performances in her videos. She has an adorable short stature. Jenna’s height to be exact is known to be 5 feet 3 inches (1.6 meters) which is really short for an American woman. She also measures approximately 50kg in weight. The complete details on body measurements of Jenna are unknown. But she wears bra sized 32B. She has been clad in the bikini and regular dress-ups which suit her extremely well. She is lush, pleasant to look at and outrageously admirable. She has honey blonde hair with dark brown eyes.

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Wiki and Facts
As deduced from her quality works, she is simply a confident and forward woman. Jenna’s followers on social media are boosted because her being an internet personality. She can be reached at on her Twitter account @jennaezarik with the total of 183K followers. On her Instagram account which is undoubtedly more popular, she has garnered 346K followers to her name. More information on her internet popularity is displayed on her YouTube channel which has 750K+ followers. Also, find her on Vine and Snapchat. Do watch her videos on her channel. Jenna Ezarik’s wiki sites provide ample information on her life.